Essential things you should know about Scotch Whisky

Grain or malt whisky was produced in Scotland and left to mature in oak cask. It is a mixture of barley water and yeast. Single malt Scotch whiskey is usually made from malted barley. Whisky is a popular drink that was distilled for the very first in Scotland from yeast, water and barley. 

The term “single Malt”

Single Malt has only been brewed only at one distillery. The name “Malt” was derived from the truth that barley was malted. It is a process that involves grains made to sprout and then dried on top of a pear fire. Also, it has been distilled inside a still pot.

The term “Blended”

Blended whisky is dome from different distilleries. Also, it involves single malt whiskies and grains whisky. And the bottle’s age determines the youngest whisky’s age.

The name “Grain whisky”

Grain Whisky is produced from grains such as un-malted barley, wheat or corn. Most whiskies brewed in Scotland are from blended varieties. 

What is the meaning of blended malt?

Blended malt is a mixture of two or more single malt whiskies from different distilleries and has no grain in it.

What does grain Scotch whisky mean?

Whisky is made from grains like corn, wheat and un-malted barley instead of malted barley. The grains formulate the more significant part while the malt adds flavor to the whisky.

single malt Scotch whisky


When was whisky blending pioneered?

Blending was started in the 1860s by Andrew Asher in Edinburgh.

Is it whisky or whiskey?

It will depend on different people and their accent, in Scotland and Canada is whisky without the ‘e’ while in the united state and Ireland is spelled as whiskey with an ‘e’.

Where else is Scotch whisky made besides Scotland?

For it to be called Scotch whisky, it has to be mainly made in Scotland.

Where is whisky produced in Scotland?

There are six whisky-producing regions in Scotland, namely: Campbeltown, Islay, Highland, Lowland, Speyside and Island. Each of the areas mentioned earlier produces unique flavours characteristics that vary from each other.

What are the main features of each region?

They are entire of flavors, usually dry with a sharply strong taste and smell.


Whiskies from Islay are generally dry and peaty and sometimes with a sharp aroma of smoke and some spice.


It is associated with dry oak and fruit cake finish and is also flavored with peaty.


Usually very smooth, gentle, soft, less peaty and it is also dry.


They are mainly made of fruits hence their sweet taste and shallow peat.


Due to the topographical variance, it makes it hard to classify whiskies from these areas. But single malt Scotch whisky has made it through from Scotland from different parts worldwide.

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