How To Start PPC Campaign From Scratch

Pay per click is an extremely popular form of digital advertising used to direct traffic to a website. In this format, an advertiser pays a publisher a certain amount when a user clicks on an ad displayed on a website, blog or search engine. Pay-per-click service is a great advantage for companies as this special advertising style allows for quick conversions.

Initially, only multinationals in India took advantage of pay per click. These organizations run global campaigns to attract end users from all over the world. Leading organizations are willing to greatly benefit from ecommerce ppc management and put it into practice. Years after the internet became a major marketing source, even local service providers are using PPC to attract and connect with their customers. There’s no denying that this form of advertising works well for local sellers as well. But the method is slightly different.

business PPC campaign

Here are some key factors that an advertising agency consider when running a business PPC campaign to target a local audience:

  1. Setting the right goals

With global pay-per-click campaigns, you don’t have to worry about targeting. The target audience is quite large and ads can appear in different countries. On the other hand, designing a PPC campaign for local businesses is a significant challenge. Since service providers serve their customers in certain areas, the geographic setting must be done carefully.

  1. Attracting traffic

As the target audience is relatively small, getting traffic to the website is another difficult task. However, PPC experts overcome this problem by showing ads on platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Search and Display. In this way, marketers can be sure that no communication channel is idle.

  1. Write a copy of the advertisement with the exact address.

In global campaigns, users are not interested in knowing the exact location of the advertiser. Even mentioning a country works well with that campaign. However, when we talk about local businesses, location plays an important role in converting visitors into loyal customers. You should try to include exact addresses in your ad text to avoid unnecessary clicks. Providing an exact address will help you gain users’ trust.

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