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Promotional video

Promotional Video is a commercial video aimed at promoting your products and services to customers and opportunities. Any video you create is somehow trying to sell your brand to your target audience. A good promotional video tries to bring the conversation to a more personal level without making the sales feature too obvious. Some of the types of promo videos are content marketing, product or service demo, and big splash video, and some other common types include B2C promos, B2B promos, small business, and large corporate promotional videos.

Gillespie Productions is a video production company that helps companies attract their audience by blending documentary style with on-brand news. It is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The corporate video refers to any non-advertising video content created and commissioned by a business, organization, and company. Today, much of corporate video content is hosted online, published on the company’s website, and distributed through social media or email marketing. Its contents are aimed at the company’s key sales figures or insiders. Corporate video production is the responsibility of the Marketing Director or Corporate Communications Manager. Some of the examples are corporate overview videos, employee training, and safety videos, promotional / brand images, investor relationships, and partner videos, etc.

The promotional video production is mainly based on corporate video space, but our corporate video is a little different than other videos.  When watching the corporate video, there is a subtle balance between two agendas that often compete Рthe option of creating a cinematic masterpiece and the option of forcibly feeding a corporate message. The key point of balance is to nail the news when captivating the audience.

The intertwined backgrounds of broadcast journalism, brand marketing, corporate communications, and the creative arts help deliver the content that people really want to see – and that is news. It tells real, human stories about real, human businesses. They render their services to all sorts of companies from small businesses to large companies.

Purpose of Promotional video production

Promotional video production plays a significant role in improving your business’s search engine rankings. Your company’s promotional video will create additional interest among customers about your company’s latest activities. Additionally, you can use promotional videos to announce important announcements, upcoming events, and new products or services. They attract the attention of the audience rather than facts and figures. Its main purpose is to build trust and a long-term relationship with customers. It helps in increasing the time spent on particular websites.

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