Taking the business to the next level

Businesses need to be in line with the current trend and expectations of the people so that they can provide the services as per the need of the hour. Gone are the days when businesses used to depend on external factors to match their state. In the current generation, people are more aware of technological advancements and Artificial Intelligence is no exception. It has literally changed the game and every firm now wants to be AI certified so that it could give its best solutions. Clinc is one such firm that believes in providing total AI-based solutions to the financial sectors. The firm started in 2015, has been leading in the conversational AI process that has transformed the whole financial services. Also, AI basically provides the following benefits to the business and customers equally;

world-class AI technology

  • Provision of automation.
  • Helps in making smart decisions.
  • Enhances the customer experience.
  • Providing a solution to complex problems.
  • Aids in the continuation of the business.

Recent news of the firm:

Clinchad its new CEOMr. Jon Newhard appointed to take responsibility immediately. He will be taking care of the future growth of the firm by analyzing its progress till the current period and will be responsible to fill in the gaps of talents in engineering, marketing, and product teams. The firm is basically known to be leaders in the conversational Artificial Intelligence process that have been creating a huge impact on the transformation of several financial institutions. It helps in personalizing and changing the customer experience which will be an essential part of digital change. It proves to be a huge challenge for the world-class AI technology that the firm has been providing.

The firm’s ultimate creation was Finie, a voice-operated AI virtual assistant that has been designed specifically for banking and financial institutions. It helped the customers to speak to the virtual assistant that will provide a solution as per the request in seconds. It will also contact the tech support team in case of any rare glitches. The system supports over 80 languages which is a huge advantage to the customers from other countries. It can review bank statements, initiate new cards, make payments, and helps in bank transfers. The industry-leading AI solution acts as a one-stop solution to all the issues of businesses.

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