The Man With Courage: An Entrepreneur And Musician

Hamed Wardak was a former Defense Minister of Afghanistan and was a student in Washington, D.C. at Georgetown University. Hamed was an active student that made him elected as the valedictorian and received a certificate as one of the International Rhodes Scholar 1997. With lots of brave men in the world, there is one person that creates noise on both business and music. It is a noise that is not painful in the ears, but a noise that makes everyone inspired.

The life of a musician

After Hamed’s school days, he returned to his hometown Afghanistan. He decided to serve his fellowmen that made him a leader in Technologists, Inc. During his leadership, he had brought millions that made the company very lucky upon having him. Hamed becomes a big asset in the company that brings big bucks due to his expertise in the business. The conjunction of the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and the U.S. Department of Defense was operated by Technologists, Inc., under the leadership of Wardak. The good news had started and continually create a big talk in the business industry until Wardak decided on something new. He founded a music production with the banner “Valen of Wicked”.

life of a musician

What is Valen of Wicked?

Valen of Wicked is a music production created and founded by Hamed. He comes up with the idea of starting the business together with the apparel brand named “Ludas Athletics. But, then again, he was unstoppable when it comes to business acumens and contacts. He used it as an opportunity to look for another profit. Hamed got involved in musical events under the banner of Valen of Wicked – the new brand of techno. It is electronic music that incorporates diverse cultural sounds. Meaning, it is a collaboration of sounds and beats from different cultures that made it distinct from any other popular music during the times. Music is love for the many, especially for music lovers. So, whether it can be from a reproduction of lost culture sounds in the West Indies or an ordinary producing from an ordinary individual, to add uniqueness to the music, he incorporates it. Thus, diverse cultural sounds are combined in electronic music that brought depth to the art form in a new way. There are no conditions when incorporating sounds as long as it is refreshing in the ears. Hamed has a heart to music, so, that made his music production company soar high.

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