The Ryse Residences: Luxurious and Affordable

Residential units above commercial ones have become a sensation among homebuyers in metropolitan cities where building a house has become unaffordable for many middle- income households due to the soaring prices of residential lands. Such housing units are built above a commercial unit like a mall or supermarket. Another feature that makes them very popular is their location from where a large number of basic amenities are easily accessible. The Ryse Residences is one such building project based in Singapore where residential flats above a shopping mall are available for a lease of 99 years.

A Guide To The Ryse Residencies

What makes such residential units so popular?

Residential units above commercial establishments like a mall, a polyclinic, or a plaza owe their popularity to their location in the city from where important places like airports, offices, schools, and supermarkets are at a close distance. Location is always the most important factor for any housing project. A potential homebuyer always has in his mind the distance factor. Living in houses far off from important places like schools, hospitals and offices would mean a person has to spend huge time in commute which would drain his energy and entail huge fuel costs. With a proper location, such unnecessary inconveniences can easily be avoided. Keeping this in mind, the Ryse Residences building project has been established in the center of the city with the MRT station and bus interchange at the doorsteps of the residents. The bus and rail network at a stone’s throw distance ensures an easy commute to the airport for the residents. Schools, hospitals, business centers, shopping malls, and restaurants are also within walking distance from the building complex which makes living more convenient and easy.

Other Perks and Facilities

Such residential houses built upon commercial establishments come with a plethora of conveniences such as easy access to markets that are below the residential units. Secondly, these residential areas also have huge playgrounds for children and open-air gymnasium for adult residents. Many such residential areas are also surrounded by a vast tract of land with lush greenery on multiple sides to ensure that residents have clean and green surroundings. Residents can use such large tracts of lands for partying, picnic, and spending quality time with their loved ones. Swimming pools, community clubhouses, and multiple barbeque pits are some other luxuries available to the residents that further add to the appeal of such residential projects amongst homebuyers.

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