Things you need to know about Asian Restaurant

Every day you will see a new Asian restaurant in the news. Asian restaurant have come a long way. From the greasy Chinese takeout, most of the people grew up with. Chinese food is one of the most popular foods across the globe. But real Chinese food has so many differences from Western food. Below are some facts to help you understand Chinese food.

Variety of flavors

Chinese food has 5 fundamentals when it comes to flavors. All these need to be equal in taste according to traditional Chinese medicine. (Sweet, Salty, Spicy, Bitter, and sour). Flavors vary in different areas of China. Szechuan cuisine is well known for mixing spices. Hong Kong is always sweet and savory. Northern cuisine is salty and the southern minority is always sour.

They eat everything that moves

Most of the foreigners are often shocked by what the Chinese eat. Many of the Chinese dishes feel eerie or uneasy. They eat everything. Like pig’s ears, heads, feet, heart, lungs, intestines, insects, snakes, rats, and dogs. Name anything that you can imagine they are eating. It is already in their culture.

Asian restaurant

Vegetable Variety

China has the biggest number of farmers around the globe. And also many vegetables and fruit that you haven’t seen or heard before, you can find in China. Like bitter cucumber, tree fungi, pomelos, and other more weed- like plants.

Eating everything

Chinese eat everything and do not go to waste. So often animals serve the whole. Like fish sometimes the bones are soft enough to chew up. They believe that the meat close to the bones is the best, which means it is nutritious. They chopped it to splinters to release the juice and bone broth is also popular in that place.

Using chopsticks

Chinese don’t eat using spoons and forks. The traditional way is using chopsticks. During the dynastic era, they are using silver chopsticks and if it turns black the food is poison. And up to this day, they are using chopsticks. They also have different types of chopsticks. Bamboo is the most popular, wood, jade and metal, and porcelain and plastic. And in a year China uses billions of chopsticks. All the food is very soft and cuts into bite-size pieces before cooking so it is easier for them to use it.

Food Is Symbolic

Certain food that they eat has particular meanings. Based on shapes, legends, and colors. They are basing superstitions or traditional beliefs on eating and celebrate blessings. It means power.  And associated with foods. Like for dumplings, it means wealth because of their gold or silver ingot shape. Candy symbolizes the wish for a rich and sweet life. Year cake means increasing prosperity. All these foods must consume for a certain time or event to invoke a blessing.

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