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Parents have many hopes for their children. They are fulfilling their dreams and desires. But many parents force their incomplete wishes to be fulfilled by children forgetting that they too have their own desire and ambitions.

Few children do not hurt their parents, unwantedly accept their choice as a career, but the rest of them don’t leave their goal at any cost. Here Vasu movie shows how a man was successful in bearing his father’s choice of career and striving to pursue as Musician and singer. Finally, which was on the lead! All the music lovers can enjoy this musical hit movie online at Aha OTT

Watch the Romantic comedy movie Vasu which explores ones stubborn work for success as a Musician at Aha OTT

Vasu film depicts apt music, singing, and cracking comedy. Creativity is a god gift. Every person has their own unique skills. It’s a good family entertainer movie. Splendid acting of Venkatesh can be found.

  1. Starring: Venkatesh, Bhumika Chawla
  2. Direction: A.Karunakaran
  3. Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
  4. Producer: K.S.Rama Rao
  5. Genre: Romance, comedy
  6. Language: Telugu
  7. Format: Streaming online video
  8. Watching on devices: The movie can be  watched on all supported devices
  9. Available at: Desktop, laptop, tablet, android devices, and iOS and Smart TVs
  10. Where to watch online: aha

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The play follows an aspiring graduate who wishes to become a Musician and singer in spite of his father’s will to choose IPS as a career,but Vasu had different plans for his future. He was insulted by a young IPS officer who was inspired by Vasu father to choose IPS as a career. Vasu responds immediately with a mind-blowing music performance, which astonished the young officer who asked Vasu for pardon. When Vasu was spotted by street guys, his father asked him to leave home.

As Vasu is in love with Divya, he came to know that she was his father’s childhood friend’s daughter. Quickly came back and promised his father only studies are prior to Music. But secretly, he would pursue his heart-touching music without his father’s knowledge.

A letter of sony music was spotted by his father, who argued with his son and sent him out of the home. Even Divya’s father fixed her marriage with another guy called Manohar.

Finally, Vasu selected his own path for his dream project. He participated in the Sony talent search and won a prize on the same day as his love Divya wedding. His heart breaks with silent mourn. Does Divya marry Vasu!  Did Vasu’s father accept his talented career as a musician? What happened next! To know more, follow the viewing at Aha OTT online.

Top 5 reasons to watch movie Vasu 

  1. The movie is musically hit
  2. Message oriented to the parents
  3. Every profession is unique
  4. Encourage children in their favorite fields to work
  5. Don’t stick to unfulfilled desires and paste it on children.

Watch Romantic comedy movie “Vasu” that which grabbed state “Nandi award” and “Akkineni award.”  

Every person can enjoy only his favorite career, where he can work happily. Forcely working for others’ sake doesn’t bring satisfaction. Profession impacts our life as Vasu film shows it briefly with good standards. Watch movies online at Aha OTT.

“Heart’s favorite career brings a good future” proves Vasu movie.

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