Advantages of external property management

The tasks of a property management company for condominiums include activities that serve the community of homeowners, but cannot be assigned to an individual owner. On the one hand, very few owners have the necessary skills and time; on the other hand, these tasks must be carried out neutrally and in the interests of everyone. These requirements can only be met by an external and specialized provider. It has its price, of course, but the community of owners can share the costs with the tax office.

Furthermore, good property management by 33 Realty has its own technical employees such as caretakers who can be deployed if necessary and a pool of skilled, quickly appearing and cleanly working craftsmen from different industries. In this way, good property management ensures that necessary work on the property and its facilities is carried out reliably.

External property management

Price comparison, small print, interpersonal understanding:

Good property management services do not have to be the cheapest. But owners should not just compare the requested basic remuneration or standard rates with those of other administrations. Rather, a performance comparison should also be used to check which services are included in the basic remuneration, as there can be significant differences here. A price comparison of the special payments for additional services should also take place. Some property management companies offer an inexpensive basic remuneration. But the special allowances are very expensive. In addition, the general terms and conditions of the property management company must be examined for disadvantages for owners. Ultimately, interpersonal understanding should be so that a long-term trusting cooperation with the property management is possible.

The documents of a property management company are like their business card. Management contracts and or accounts that are “thrown together” from different fonts are not a recommendation. Rather, documents should be from a single source and contain the correct company name of the administration. Numerous misspellings also do not paint a good picture of the administration.

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