All About Pastor Norman Quintero

A self-portraited minister, land broker, psychotherapist, and philanthropist, Pastor Norman Quintero, who crossed the path of law in an Orange County Courthouse in November 2020, which determined that he was illegally engaging Aliso Viejo’s property, was arrested on March 23, 2021. The arrest occurred due to ongoing criminal scrutiny of Mr. Quintero’s alleged evacuation of a large number of dollars in studio alteration equipment, instruments including a fantastic piano, decorations, and memorable photos, from 41 Columbia working on Aliso Viejo who he had involved before The Orange County Sheriff finally escorted him out of the scene.

Night In The Orange County Jail

Since Quintero spent the night in the Orange County Jail, he has not been able to go after the comment, and officers have executed a court order at his home on the morning of March 23, 2021. Mr. Quintero was not at home at the time. After the strike, however, sources report that officials later arrested him at his office in Tustin, California. Orange County number 3193227 discovers that Norman Alberto Quintero is in authority, anticipating the hearing and being suspended on $458,000 bail. A freely available report of his arrest demonstrates that Quintero, conceived on 9/16/1965, distinguished his vocation as a minister, but extra requests reveal that Quintero goes through several titles.


The Reports

Freely available reports show that in February 2012, Quintero was arrested by Orlando, Florida, police on charges of the following and dating brutality. As indicated by the arrest testimony, one woman said that she had a long personal connection with Quintero, her manager at the time. Quintero was also arrested in 2002 in a protest against aggressive behavior at his home in Orange County, Florida. Court records show that Quintero was arrested for assault in July 2002. At that point, the Orlando Sentinel newspaper detailed that Quintero, who was running for a seat on the education committee, was arrested after a battle with his better half that began when she smoked in her house. An earlier complaint was filed against him in 1997 on charges of abusive behavior at home, which did not result in his arrest.

Trouble With The Florida Bar

Quintero also ran into trouble with the Florida Bar in 1997, when, however, 35 complaints were brought against him for wrongly claiming that he was a lawyer. A significant number of individuals, usually migrants or foreigners here with visas, ensured that Quintero received the money in legal expenses from each of them, but did little to advance their cases. Many said they feared removal like that.

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