There are a lot of innovative home essentials found in the furniture market today and this includes screen doors. Screen doors are the best alternative to solid doors, especially during summer, when the wind is arid. To enhance your indoor setup, installing it on your doors would let the fresh air in while keeping the bugs out.

The Type of Screen Door That Suits Your Home Best

                Are you planning to buy a screen door for your family’s summer staycation? Or perhaps you are someone living in a tropical country where bugs could get in and out of your home because they are everywhere? The best solution to that is adding a screen door to your home. Currently, there are three main types of screen doors namely hinged, sliding, and retractable. The first two are the traditional doors which replace the wooden or glass panels with screens. The latest one that is popular in the market is the retractable screen door. The name itself suggests the ability of this door to open and close with just a little nudge from someone passing through it without using a hand. This type is even innovated to modify the weak features of the traditional types without sacrificing its main purposes—to improve the indoor air quality and to safeguard your family’s comfort and health from disease-carrying insects.

5 Amplified Features of Retractable Screen Door
  • Self-sealing Ability

The strong magnets sinewed within the moderately thick fabric of the middle seams is the one responsible for its self-sealing ability which allows sufficient air to come and go of the house for every in-and-out movement.

  • Frameless and lightweight

The replacement of the solid frames with very adhesive Velcro tapes attached on the two outer side edges inhibits the screen door from detaching the door jamb. Hence, the only part of the screen door that is allowed to retract is its middle seam.

  • Sewing it with the strongest mechanized stitch pattern to stack the heavy-duty multilayers of mesh.

Compared to the cheap alternatives found in the market which are prone to tearing, this type of screen door is designed to outperform them through its well-stitched edges that prolong its service life.

  • Washable

With the abovementioned features, this screen door is washable since it is easy to be reinstalled.

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