Children’s sneakers: what do you need to keep in mind when choosing children’s shoes?

What is the main thing that confuses you the most? Well…… ..

Let me guess…… .. It’s a buying process, right?

Buying a new Sports Shoes is not that easy. It takes a lot of effort and goes through different variations to reach the final goal kids sports shoes.


Textile Upper: Offers breathability to keep feet cool and dry while running

Rubber sides – To increase the reliability and durability of your shoes, in a simple and elegant way

Inner layer of material – The inside of the shoe and the tongue are made of layer material that absorbs sweat and creates a more pleasant space

Double Closure Type Design – Lacing is used for decoration, and Velcro is used to close quickly. Nice appearance and comfortable for children to put on and take off

Opportunity: This sneaker series is sufficient for indoor recreation and several outdoor entertainments such as school vacations, hiking, riding etc.

kids sports shoes

How to choose the best kids tennis shoe

To choose the best tennis shoe for kids it is important to consider three different parts of the shoe: the sole, the midsole and the upper.

The Sole

Contains the entire shoe and is the part of the shoe that will come into contact with the tennis court, so it must be able to frequently withstand activity, running, rotation and any other type of sudden movement.

That’s why the sole has to be durable and made from rubber-like materials.

The ranking we have compiled takes into account the best tennis shoes for children and the best manufacturers.

Sneakers are a timeless model of footwear, which can be worn at any age and which goes well with many outfits – especially in children’s fashion. Unsurprisingly, sneakers for girls, boys, and even babies are available on the market. Find out what to consider during their purchase, to ensure comfort and a stylish look for your baby.

Size, material, type of closure, height and color: these are the fundamental aspects, to which we must pay attention when choosing this type of footwear.

Children’s sneakers: which size to choose?

Buying “spare” shoes, that is, too big and not suitable for the size of the child’s foot, is not a good idea. Shoes that are too large will not only tend to fall off the feet, but will force the child to place their feet unnaturally inside them. Therefore, children’s tennis shoes must fit perfectly. This can be facilitated by measuring the length of the insole , to which approximately 0.5 cm of free space must be added.

The shape of children’s sneakers – with rounded and reinforced toes – makes them ideal as first walking shoes . Thanks to this structure, the baby’s toes have sufficient space, and the foot maintains its natural position.

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