Following the generations-old tradition for the future

Mostly, the term ‘family business’ seems to connote only either a small or midsized company with different products or services offered to the people. It is also focused on local people and faces similar problems like succession. Not only this but there are also other options in family-based business that is not being focussed on. With a huge gap in a generation along with a change in mindset, people are not able to accept the old ways of doing any business as they want to try out new things. Ben Friedman Toronto is a popular name in Los Angeles as the family has been providing care facilities for generations.

Ben’s father and grandfather started running a nursing home in the area that became a huge milestone for their family. Ben was just a small boy when the facility grew to be bigger and better. After spending most of the time with his father, they grew closer. But everything came to a standstill when his father passed away when Ben was a young man. His grandfather was not able to continue without a partner and was also not willing to put the huge responsibility on Ben just yet. This made him take the difficult decision of selling off the facility as there was no other option.

Beginning of a new generation:

Even when it was sold, Ben knew that he would end up wanting to continue the legacy that was left off by his father and grandfather. This was a turning point in his life as he lived in Canada with his wife Phyllis and daughter Rykka. With prior experience and more research, he again started a long-term care facility in the name of his daughter. This made Ben Friedman Toronto name popular in Canada as many people looked up to him and his family tradition. Being started 12 years ago, the facility is running successfully today with many residents wanting to join the care facility.

Uncompromised care and facility provided:

Last year was definitely a challenging year for Rykka Care Centre as many Coronavirus cases were found out everywhere. It became difficult to maintain silence and restlessness among the residents as they were shocked with reports confirming cases inside the facility. Yet, they managed to bring everything to rest with their uncompromised care and took care of every resident in the best way possible. Also, the whole team has zero-tolerance for any activity that risks the safety of the people there. With this supreme thought of offering the best care, they continue to operate in the most simple yet elegant manner.

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