Is Pastor Norman Quintero Jailed Again?

Pastor Norman Quintero has been jailed again this month. Norman Quintero failed to attend the news conference that he called on Friday. The arrest is regarding the domestic violation case registered on the 24th of July 2020. Mariam Carolina Quintero, wife of Quintero registered a case against her husband stating that he grabbed her arm. Later the conference was cancelled and postponed.

Pastor Norman Quintero usually appears with his wife publicly. Although he assures that everything is fine, something always keeps on coming up. It’s not the first time that Norman Quintero is jailed. Several other domestic cases were registered in his name in 1997.

School board candidate Pastor Norman Quintero jailed again

School board candidate Pastor Norman Quintero jailed again

Other than domestic violation cases he already had many law experiences. Norman has always been in the headlines. In 1996 and 1997, at least 35 complaints were filed against Quintero stating that he’s practising law and advertising himself as a lawyer without any license. After so many complaints being filed against him, he signed an agreement with the Florida Bar on February 14, 1997, by which he had to stop practising law in the State of Florida.

However, the complaints never stopped. In August 1997, the Florida bar along with Florida supreme court filed a petition seeking a court order against Quintero. In December 1997, Quintero was ordered not to practice law.

Later this week in an interview, Quintero stated that this was simply a misunderstanding. He never faced any charges for any of those cases. In his defence, he said that he thought that federal law allows people without any license to practice some specific kinds of immigration law.

Although federal law allows commoners to do so, it is allowed only with approval from the judge, and the counsellor is not paid for the appearance.

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