Migrate With Confidence And Assurance!

Moving to a new country with your loved ones is a huge step that requires an incredible amount of planning and preparation. There are so many things to consider, like where to live, what job options are available, and how it all fits into your family plans! With all these things on your plate, it is possible to miss some essential details regarding filing paperwork!

Luckily the family and partner visa specialists at hansenmigration are eager to help you settle your paperwork quickly and efficiently. Working with us ensure that your move will be as hassle-free and seamless as possible. Read on to discover how we can help you move to Australia with your loved ones with confidence and assurance to back you!

Visa Processing For Any Situation

At hansenmigration we understand that every person has a unique family or living situation that needs to be considered when applying for a visa. Keeping this in mind, we have professionals to guide you no matter what. Currently, we offer eight specialisations in terms of visa processing so you can tailor it to your situation. Professionals are ready to help with the following:

  • Partner Visa
  • Gay Immigration
  • New Zealand Family Relationship Visa
  • Prospective Marriage Visa
  • Child Visa
  • Resident Return Visa
  • Parent Visa

All these options come with a well-strategized guide from professionals that will help you get your paperwork in order so you can focus on the finer aspects of relocation with your loved ones. We will help you every step of the way and make sure you do not miss any crucial paperwork or information so that your move is as stress-free as possible.

Easy To Navigate Process

Nothing is more stressful than working with an immigration consultancy and having to deal with a complicated process. That is why we have made it easy for you with our 7 step procedures. With a straightforward way of handling things, you can easily keep track of where you are in the process while also receiving consistent updates on visa statuses.

We even provide clients with a free consultation to help them get started before committing to any services. Following that, our questionnaire will help us gauge exactly what you need so we can do the leg work for you! From there, simply upload the required documents and application, and we will handle the rest!

Taking the time to find the right consultants just got easier with hansenmigration. We take our client’s very seriously and coordinate with you through every step for the best results. Soon, you will be living in your dream location without having to worry about any legalities that may have been overlooked.

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