Review Of Luca Alias Johnny

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Luca alias Johhny

Luca Alias Jonny is the dubbed Telugu version of the 2019 Malayalam movie named ‘Luca.’ It is a drama film, and the director is Arun Bose. The cinematography and the editing department have been handled by debutantes Nimish Ravi and Nikhil Venu. The music director is Sooraj S. Kurup, and the producers are Linto Thomas and Prince Husain. The movie’s running time is 151 minutes, starring Tovino Thomas, Ahaana Krishna, Anwar Shereef, Nithin George, ThalivasalVijayan, and many others. 


The movie dictates two stories simultaneously, which are focused on the lives of the two main characters named Luca and Niharika. This movie is a romantic mystery that mainly revolves around the lives of an artist named Luca and a common girl named Niharika, who met in a unique circumstance and then fell in love after starting to live together. Both of them have some bad past, and hence the two of them are each other’s strength against their respective fears. The real story unfolds when an inspector comes to know about a diary and reads it, which Niharika sent to Luca for a reason. 


Luca Alias Johnny is a very popular movie which has the best performance as well as direction. Most of the viewers loved the movie and described it as a tragic love story with some suspense in the climax. You can watch Luca Alias Johnny movie online any time you want and as many times as you want by subscribing to the AHA OTT platform. Besides this, you will also be able to watch certain other language movies in Telugu by getting this app. So, to enjoy the latest movies in the Telugu version and Telugu subtitles, get the best Telugu OTT platform on your mobile and other devices.

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