Sectional door is a very good closure for garages. It is a vertical opening solution that slides upwards and then along the ceiling , completely disappearing from the outside view. When internal or external space is limited, the sectional door is ideal because, unlike the overhead door, it does not create clutter : while waiting to enter the garage, the car can park very close to the sectional door and whoever opens the door does not have to worry to step back garage doors manufacturer Canada.

Let’s see in detail what are the other advantages of the sectional door.

safety and comfort

The aesthetics and finishes of your garage

Sectional doors allow you to satisfy every design need , whether personal or the architect. The elegance of the different finishes of the panels and the possibility of painting them in all RAL colors leave ample room for creativity and allow the sectional to be harmoniously integrated into the style of the building, enhancing it.

Sectional doors are also an excellent solution in case of renovation because they can replaceLand traditional overhead doors quickly , without the need for structural and invasive changes.

Sectional doors and energy saving

The thickness of the panels and the high-density foam contained in them ensure optimal thermal insulation for sectional doors compared to traditional overhead doors, made of simple sheet metal. In addition, the internal insulating core prevents the formation of condensation , while the vertical gaskets isolate the garage door from the perimeter wall, preventing heat exchange and favoring the insulation of the environment. This translates into greater energy savings.

Safety first: the types of sectional doors for your garage

For an attacker, it is quite simple to open a traditional sheet metal door, forcing it or cutting the sheet metal to insert the hands inside and operate the opening release. Forcing a sectional door , on the other hand, is much more complex as it is impossible to cut the panels without professional tools suitable for metals and, above all, without making noise.bIn the motorized doors there is also a motor block that brakes the lifting of the curtain. This is why sectional doors are one of the safest closures on the market.

The sectional door is also designed to protect those who use it from small daily inconveniences, such as accidental bumps. The lower edge of the door, in fact, is equipped with a special gasket that allows the motor to reverse the movement of the door in the event of a collision with an obstacle or a person. In addition, the side hinges come complete with pinch guards and the panel design is gap-free for even greater protection.

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