Learn some different types of garage doors

We understand that purchasing a new garage door may be a difficult experience. With so many styles, finishes, and systems to choose from, it is easy to get to know more about them. After all, a garage door is for life, not just for Christmas, so we want to make sure you make the proper choice. Our guide below gives you a quick overview of the benefits and drawbacks of various garagre door with garage door repair in Hamilton.

An Up & Over Garage Door

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For many people, the Up and Over Garage door is one of the most conventional designs of doors. It is simple to understand why it is a popular choice as one of the most recognisable styles of garage door it looks fantastic and accomplishes all you need a garage door to do. It opens by moving ‘up and over’ in one piece, making it easy to enter and exit a garage.

A Sectional Garage Door

The Sectional Garage Door design is well known for its ability to save space. Instead of opening all at once, it is constructed of ‘sections’ that, when opened, curve back into the garage on horizontal tracks. A sectional door, which is typically installed behind the garage opening, will open and close with no effort, maximising your drive through width and allowing you to drive right up to the garage.


A roller garage door

Roller garage doors have grown in popularity due to their capacity to meet needs and cover regions that other garage doors cannot. The roller mechanism is situated behind the garage door and coils up firmly around a drum. You can enjoy optimum drive-through use of the entrance in terms of both height and breadth because they can be built without a frame. Even if there is any mistake or repair you make it ready by contacting garage door repair in Oakville.

A hinged garage door

Hinged Garage Doors are useful if you need to enter your garage on a frequent basis for goods other than your car, such as bikes, tools, children’s toys, and so on. With symmetrical and non-symmetrical side hinged doors, you can easily get in and out of your garage without having to open the entire door. They are available in a variety of attractive styles and are suitable for garages where obstructions may exist inside the garage, preventing the installation of a different style door.

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