Life is around living rather than disability

Organizations perform best when they accept, respect, and include individuals from all walks of life, including those with impairments. The social sector should also aggressively seek to place persons with various impairments on boards, committees, and personnel. This helps organisations become stronger and more capable of meeting the demands of the communities they serve. You can get help from Here are some suggestions for improvement:

  • Recognize and value the abilities of persons with impairments. The general population perceives persons with impairments to be pleasant and kind, but not necessarily competent. People with impairments, can be highly gifted. Some of history’s most successful, popular, and influential figures had infirmities.
  • Make a plan to hire and retain people with disabilities, and work with vendors that do the same. Only a small percentage of social sector employees polled indicate their organisations make purposeful attempts to attract persons with disabilities for jobs, internships, volunteering, or board seats. If persons with disabilities are active, the activities of these organisations will more properly represent the communities they serve.

  • Make a commitment to enabling persons with disabilities to form peer connections, develop social skills, and respect and accept one another. Many prominent corporations establish “Employee Resource Groups” for employees from historically underrepresented groups, such as persons with impairments.
  • People with disabilities should be included in such initiatives. How many employees with disabilities or employees with disabled family members does your company have? Is there a support mechanism in place with other team members? A self-organized, employee-led affinity club for others in similar situations might make a significant difference.
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