The Different Kinds of Air Leaks and its Identification Process

It is much important to maintain the air compressor since it plays a very important role in an industry operation. There are certain common issues that may arise during the compressor operation such as oil leak, air leak, noise production, and starting trouble.In all these issues the company’s personnel need to give more importance to the air leaks since it is the major output from the system. The solution need to be provided to the issue rises once it is identified. If not it will lead to amajor cost and even it may become to shut down the plant. Fine how to identify the air leaks in the compressor? Air leaks typically happen in two major ways as the leaks may generate the sound or it may not.

Air leaks that make sound are easy to locate. How to do it? Just walk around the plants and observe the operation of all the machinery items, especially the compressor. Also may execute the temporary shutdown of the plants to examine all the equipment. If the leak is being sufficient with the sound then maybe a large amount of air may leak and can count in the form of CFM and need to be more concerned towards finding the solution immediately.

But most of the time the compressed air leaks are not making any sounds hence it becomes difficult to identify easily. In general, all the leaks will make sounds but the sound generated by the small leaks will not be sufficient to hear by the human ears. These kinds of leaks are common in industrialmachinery. The plants that have average facilities will have nearly 20 to 30 leaks but the large plants will have more leakages and add the considerable CFM.

The smaller leaks on the air compressor can be located using equipment like the ultrasonic detector.  This kind of equipment used will be an easy method in the process of identifying the air leak in the compressor.

The leak is smaller or large need to fix it immediately once it is identified. Otherwise, it will lead to maximum loss. Is it worth it to fix compressed Air Leaks? Of course,If initially identified can repair the parts which cost very less around five hundred dollars but if not repaired immediately have to change the compressor whichcosts heavily?Those costs are not only related to the machinery items also the production loss due to the shutdown. Hence it is being clear the problem in the air compressor will have a major impact on the production too.

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