Why synthetic urines exist?

Why synthetic urines exist?

When it comes to drug tests, people try to find new ways to pass these tests. These tests can be done for various reasons such as for overseas visa eligibility, creating a drug-free environment, or any personal reason as well. Since most people ingest drugs nowadays, it becomes challenging for them to get a pass. Nowadays, synthetic urines are becoming popular among public, to fake their urine during tests.

What are synthetic urines?

Fake urines are composed of yellow coloring, creatinine, sometimes uric acid, or many other chemicals. These things together create an imitation of real urine.

Traditional Use-

These has been used to test the impact of urine on mattresses, diapers, cleaning agents, and others.

How is it used to cheat drug tests?

synthetic urines

However, with the increased drug consumption by people, it has now also been used to fool drug tests. In this sophisticated era, a drug-free environment has become the employer’s priority, which leads to the escalation of drug testing. But that test can only be worth the time if there is no cheating.

Synthetic urines allow a drug addict to cheat the drug test via faking urine samples. Although the companies who made fake urines, never claimed that their product made for drug testing. But drug screening organizations openly claim the biggest buyer of fake urines is drug addicts. It is clear from here that, for what purpose they are buying this product? Of course, to fool these tests.

How the product looks alike?

when you open the box, you will find a bottle filled with yellow liquid. It will match the same PH, gravity, and every characteristic that real urine has. Then you may find an instruction card inside, which will tell you to follow some steps.

Do fake urines work?

In short, yes.

Labs try to find one component of uric acid in urines, which was formally not present in the synthetic ones. But in the newer one uric acid is also available, it becomes a daunting task for labs to find out about that if it is fake or real. As long as expected components are present in fake urines and it does not contain any adulterant it is not easy to detect the fake one.

Human urine is easy to replicate because of a mixture of the compounds available, that is why fake urines have worked for so long.

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