All trade Melbourne Scaffolding Services to Give a Try

Whether you want to learn more about scaffolding products and services or would like to contact them for a project, they can help. All trade Melbourne Scaffolding Services are available at affordable rates and with an impeccable, unmatched warranty in the industry. If you want to learn more about a broad range of scaffolding services, this post features ten popular options that All Trade Scaffolding offers. Let’s get started!

Steel Frame Scaffolds

Steel frame scaffolds use long steel tubes welded together like a rectangular hollow frame. These steel frame scaffolds are often designed to be paired with another staging or supported with guy wires so they don’t collapse.

Telescoping Aluminum Scaffolding

Telescoping aluminum scaffolding is a portable work platform that uses a system of straight, telescoping A-shaped tubes and connectors called fittings. This scaffold style allows you to adjust their height in several different ways.

Self-Erecting Aluminum Scaffold

Self-erecting aluminum scaffolding is still another type of portable work platform that uses a system of A-shaped tubes and connectors called fittings. Like telescoping scaffolds, self-erecting scaffolds come in several heights depending on your needs.

Temporary Steel Frame Scaffolds

Temporary steel frame scaffolds are typically built from treated wood frames and light gauge steel. These types of temporary platforms can be erected quickly and then disassembled quickly as well.

Commercial Scaffolding

Commercial scaffolding is made from wood or metal; wood is the most common material, but the metal surface is better suited for outdoor applications. The most common height of a commercial scaffold is 10 feet, while some can be as high as 14 feet or more. Some even add floor support to create a complete platform that can be utilized by people as well.

Resurfacing Scaffolds

All Trade Scaffolding

Resurfacing scaffolds are like temporary steel frame scaffolds, except they’re made with aluminum instead of steel. They’re more durable than steel because they’re thicker and have more surface area for sandblasting and repainting.

Ladder Access

Ladder access scaffolding is a common type that uses a series of steps and handrails attached to vertical posts. It’s often used for painting, window cleaning and maintenance work.

Frame Access

Frame access scaffolds are similar to ladder access but taller and have more levels. These are often used for more complex construction jobs like high-rise buildings or roofs with steep pitches.

Multi-Level Access

Multi-level access scaffolds use frames of various heights connected with stairs, ladders, ramps and platforms. They allow you to work on multiple levels at once. These types of scaffolds can be constructed from wood or aluminum, depending on your needs.

Power Scaffolds

Power scaffolds are used for more complex construction jobs requiring an enormous stand or an elevated platform. These can be set up quickly and easily using a generator or power winch to help raise the frame.


All trade Melbourne Scaffold Services understands the importance of ensuring you’re making a trustworthy investment in your scaffolding. Customers are given the confidence to use these all trade scaffolding services because a broad range of customized solutions in Melbourne is offered.

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