How Aha movies and webseries change your watching experience?

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With Aha, you can watch movies from your smartphone or laptop. You don’t need to sit in front of your television every night to enjoy entertainment. With the click of a button, you can watch Telugu movies online on your smartphone or laptop and get entertained at any time, thanks to Aha iOS app.

You can access all the titles in Aha OTT app and enjoy watching them at any time that suits you best.

Keep yourself engrossed with amazing content in HD quality

Aha OTT is fully compatible with your mobile device. You can watch your favourite Telugu movies on a laptop or smartphone. This way, you can spend your time catching up on the latest Telugu releases, web series, and talk shows.

Watching Telugu movies online has never been as easy as it is with Aha. The best part is that the content is available in crystal clear HD video and audio quality. This leads to a superlative content consumption experience on Aha OTT.

Watch Telugu movies online on demand 

With Aha, you can watch a movie at any time and day of the week. Enjoying a Telugu movie just becomes easier with the help of Aha. You will be able to enjoy Telugu videos whenever & wherever you want to watch them.

Aha offers a wide variety of Telegu movies to watch and enjoy, ranging from old classics to recent releases. You can also download the video and watch it later. Your entertainment, your way – this is the motto of Aha. Get incredible freedom while watching Telegu movies at your own pace, as per your own convenience.

Aha OTT works perfectly for all users

Whether you are an old Telugu movie buff or a beginner, Aha OTT will always provide you with the best movies from popular Telugu producers. You can watch the latest movies as well as the classics and enjoy every bit of it.

Telegu movies have regaled people across the nation with their rich screenplay, mind-blowing performance, superior production values, and mesmerizing music.

Telugu movies are famous for their quality and unique presentation. This is because they have the best storyline, high-quality CGI, brilliant acting and terrific production values. Now you, too, get access to the superhit movies via Aha OTT. You can enjoy these movies in the comfort of your home.

This enables you to watch Telugu movies online anytime and anywhere as per your convenience. Watch them whenever you want to, without the distraction of notifications.

This will let you experience a fully customized streaming experience.

Aha OTT app is available easily to use online and provides all current Telugu movies in HD quality. Download the Aha app on Play Store. Live streaming on Aha isn’t limited to any device or region.

Health Gains of Going to a Music Festival

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Music has been enjoyed by humans for over 40,000 years. Despite the fact that scientists have yet to determine the exact period of time that people have been listening to music, we do know that music is present in all societies.

Attending a music festival is both entertaining and beneficial to one’s health. People who attend a music festival return home feeling refreshed, cheerful, and healthy. The following are the most important advantages of music.

Music Brings People Together

Australian music festival

One of the key benefits of music, according to social specialists, is that it improves social cohesiveness and integration. When humans lived on trees, music was created as a form of communication. As a result, attending an Australian music festival will broaden your social circle and strengthen existing relationships.

Improves Learning

Music has been discovered to activate the brain by doctors. This backs up the long-held assumption that listening to music activates specific brain regions. These regions of the brain are also in charge of learning.

Enhances Memory

A person’s ability to memorize things is influenced by a number of circumstances. Listening to music or attending a music festival has been demonstrated to boost your ability to remember events and thoughts. Although music cannot reverse memory loss in persons with Alzheimer’s disease, it can slow the rate at which cognitive functions deteriorate with age. People can forget names and other noteworthy events in their lives, but they can never forget their favorite music tunes, according to studies. As a result, even the elderly are urged to enjoy themselves at music festivals.

Heals Mental Illness

Music can aid in the treatment of mental illnesses. Listening to music can trigger a variety of neurochemicals that are important for mental function. Listening to music, for example, releases dopamine, which improves pleasure and relaxation. Cortisol is also released to combat stress at the same time. Serotonin and oxytocin are two other hormones that are released while listening to music. This means that attending a music festival can improve your quality of life by reducing stress and sharpening your mind.

Reduces Anxiety

If you’re feeling stressed, music can help you relax. This is because studies have shown that listening to music for more than an hour can help people who have had a stroke relax. According to the same study, combining music with natural sound provides a relaxing effect that reduces anxiety. For patients who are critically ill, this is extremely beneficial.

Music is one of the finest gifts that nature has bestowed on us. It boosts memory, boosts mood, and helps with depression and anxiety problems. It also relieves weariness and aids in the rejuvenation of humans. When you go to a music festival, you will have all of these advantages.

Moviepass for Movie Buffs and their Love for Theatres

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In today’s times, everyone is technologically equipped and wants everything at their fingertips. There is zero amount of patient, especially in the younger generation. They constantly want to upgrade and stay updated with the trend that goes around. Online movie platforms, online games, online transactions, and every aspect of society have imprinted their footprint in the digital world.

Due to the increase in social media platforms and other recreational facilities available on the internet, netizens pay less heed to the offline modes of recreation. The digital world has largely impacted the growth of Theatre industries. The room is silent and waiting to get dark. Movie buffs have lost their dedication to visit theatres and experience the lively large screen footage of movies.

How can the interest of the movie buffs be secured?


 The best solution to retain the interest of cinema lovers is to provide Moviepass. These passes are like digital subscriptions. With this pass, movie buffs can view one movie every day. The price technique is not very fancy and thus easily understandable. This helps to keep the light of theatres alive in the souls of the die-heart movie lovers.

The features of Moviepass are as follows: –

  • They include cheap subscriptions to watch movies every day.
  • Every new movie that is released is passed on to the subscribers efficiently.
  • Multiple cinema houses introduce MoviePass to keep the theatre environment alive.
  • The fee is low and affordable for middle-class people.

This technique of earning profits and retaining customer’s interest in movies and entertainment has gained immense appreciation. This act which is digital yet offline has led to a massive growth of the theatre industry.

The prices of tickets that are rising day by day can easily be ignored if one chose to attain a movie pass. There is no better way to get entertained at a minimum price. Millions of citizens wish to receive a pass and spend their leisure time happily.

Movies and other means of entertainment are too reaching greater heights but companies and theatre owners very well know to redeem the interest of the movie buffs in the right way. New media is a tough competitor but one can actively fight against all odds with sheer support and guidance. The data of the subscribers are not private these days.  Hence, internet consumers look for a secure and safe option that is fully offered by the passes.

Where would I be able to head out to watching online movies?

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What might it be a smart thought for me to watch? This request plagues us, paying little heed to how we gaze at the TV.

Whenever we’ve gorged our number one arrangement, seen every one of the suggested shows and films, and perused each classification we could discover, we hit a stopping point. What’s left? we think, as we restlessly anticipate the third period of “Westworld.”

You may even be enticed to drop assistance that appears to be desolate. There are five things to know before dropping.

While some real-time features aren’t pretty much as mainstream as Netflix or Hulu, their chronicles are huge – and even better, they’re free. These stages are frequently strong and brimming with shocks, similar to primewire through a used store.

What is primewire?

PrimeWire is a famous free web-based web-based feature for TV arrangements and films, tantamount to Putlocker. A large number of films and arrangements for which you would regularly need to pay are accessible for nothing on the stage.

PrimeWire is an internet real-time website where clients will watch the most recent motion pictures and TV shows. Dissimilar to its kin, which is known for its music web-based features. It is among the most thorough stages out there, offering clients a total media streaming experience.

watch the movies in your free time.

Why individuals will utilize VPN when watching primewire?

There are two principal reasons why individuals utilize a VPN (a virtual private organization) for PrimeWire:

To get their association and secure their protection when streaming. A VPN encodes all their information and shrouds their IP address, making it difficult to follow them.

To unblock the PrimeWire site in nations where it is hindered.

A mainstream VPN for this intention is NordVPN. This isn’t unexpected, because it offers extraordinary association paces and easy-to-understand applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. There is additionally a 30-day unconditional promise on all bundles.

For more details click on this link

Ways to get entertained in quarantine

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Since the situation outside is worst because of the influence of Corona virus, people all over the world are advised to quarantine themselves. Even though staying inside the home for several weeks sound to be easy, this is not an easy deal. To reveal the fact, many people will get into stress and tension when they are pressured to stay inside the home for a long time period. Hence the people who are under quarantine are supposed to do something interesting and entertaining in order to get relieved from their stress and to stay healthy.


Gardening can be the wisest choice for the people who have sufficient space in their home. It is to be noted that even the people who lack in space can make use of the countertop gardening techniques in order to keep them engaged for a while. The other important benefit of gardening is it will provide peace of mind to all the people in their family. And through the gardening work, the entire family can interact and can spend some time together by keeping their mobile phones and laptops apart.


Online movies

This is one of the most interesting ways to get entertained. Since the theatres in the direct market are closed because of the pandemic situation, people can watch their favorite celebrities through the online movie websites. There are abundant choices over the online movie website and one can choose the website which can satisfy them at the best. Even though there are many paid websites, one can make use of the reputed free movie websites where they can watch any number of movies for free. The websites like watch123movies are completely free to access and they also have the wide range of movie collections. Along with movies, one can also watch the TV shows in these online websites.

Art work

This kind of hobby can act as the best entertainment for the people of all age group. One can get engaged in the art work according to their age. To reveal the fact by making wonderful art work, they can also sell it easily in the online market. Obviously this is also the wisest way to make money in this quarantine. And the people who are new to this world can make use of this time to develop their art skills to a greater extent. Moreover there are many online videos to help them out.

Review Of Luca Alias Johnny

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These days, rather than recharging the TVs’ DTH connection, people tend more to subscribe to OTT platforms. The OTT platforms or Over-The-Top media services are certain media services that can provide you to watch different television media over the internet. With the subscription to the best OTT platforms, you access your favorite media content whenever, wherever, as well as many times as you would like to. Besides another most important feature of the OTT platforms, you will be provided with the privilege of watching them from any geographic location, which is impossible on television.

By just subscribing to or logging in to a reliable OTT platform, a person can enter a world full of good movies and famous shows. Besides the current shows, you will also be able to watch movies and shows which became famous in the 1990s. These days, there are also famous OTT platforms that are built-in Telugu language, and you will be able to watch any old and new Telugu movies online by subscribing to those apps. Besides the Telugu movies, you can also watch movies in another language with Telugu subtitles and dubbed in Telugu. 

Luca alias Johhny

Luca Alias Jonny is the dubbed Telugu version of the 2019 Malayalam movie named ‘Luca.’ It is a drama film, and the director is Arun Bose. The cinematography and the editing department have been handled by debutantes Nimish Ravi and Nikhil Venu. The music director is Sooraj S. Kurup, and the producers are Linto Thomas and Prince Husain. The movie’s running time is 151 minutes, starring Tovino Thomas, Ahaana Krishna, Anwar Shereef, Nithin George, ThalivasalVijayan, and many others. 


The movie dictates two stories simultaneously, which are focused on the lives of the two main characters named Luca and Niharika. This movie is a romantic mystery that mainly revolves around the lives of an artist named Luca and a common girl named Niharika, who met in a unique circumstance and then fell in love after starting to live together. Both of them have some bad past, and hence the two of them are each other’s strength against their respective fears. The real story unfolds when an inspector comes to know about a diary and reads it, which Niharika sent to Luca for a reason. 


Luca Alias Johnny is a very popular movie which has the best performance as well as direction. Most of the viewers loved the movie and described it as a tragic love story with some suspense in the climax. You can watch Luca Alias Johnny movie online any time you want and as many times as you want by subscribing to the AHA OTT platform. Besides this, you will also be able to watch certain other language movies in Telugu by getting this app. So, to enjoy the latest movies in the Telugu version and Telugu subtitles, get the best Telugu OTT platform on your mobile and other devices.

Watch Romantic Comedy Movie ‘Vasu’ Online at Aha OTT

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Watch South Indian movies online for entertaining with family action and comedy stories. This post-lockdown is the best time to watch comedy movies online at Aha.

All genre movies and web series content are available for your entertainment.

Parents have many hopes for their children. They are fulfilling their dreams and desires. But many parents force their incomplete wishes to be fulfilled by children forgetting that they too have their own desire and ambitions.

Few children do not hurt their parents, unwantedly accept their choice as a career, but the rest of them don’t leave their goal at any cost. Here Vasu movie shows how a man was successful in bearing his father’s choice of career and striving to pursue as Musician and singer. Finally, which was on the lead! All the music lovers can enjoy this musical hit movie online at Aha OTT

Watch the Romantic comedy movie Vasu which explores ones stubborn work for success as a Musician at Aha OTT

Vasu film depicts apt music, singing, and cracking comedy. Creativity is a god gift. Every person has their own unique skills. It’s a good family entertainer movie. Splendid acting of Venkatesh can be found.

  1. Starring: Venkatesh, Bhumika Chawla
  2. Direction: A.Karunakaran
  3. Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
  4. Producer: K.S.Rama Rao
  5. Genre: Romance, comedy
  6. Language: Telugu
  7. Format: Streaming online video
  8. Watching on devices: The movie can be  watched on all supported devices
  9. Available at: Desktop, laptop, tablet, android devices, and iOS and Smart TVs
  10. Where to watch online: aha

Explore best home viewing featured film Vasu at Aha OTT 

The play follows an aspiring graduate who wishes to become a Musician and singer in spite of his father’s will to choose IPS as a career,but Vasu had different plans for his future. He was insulted by a young IPS officer who was inspired by Vasu father to choose IPS as a career. Vasu responds immediately with a mind-blowing music performance, which astonished the young officer who asked Vasu for pardon. When Vasu was spotted by street guys, his father asked him to leave home.

As Vasu is in love with Divya, he came to know that she was his father’s childhood friend’s daughter. Quickly came back and promised his father only studies are prior to Music. But secretly, he would pursue his heart-touching music without his father’s knowledge.

A letter of sony music was spotted by his father, who argued with his son and sent him out of the home. Even Divya’s father fixed her marriage with another guy called Manohar.

Finally, Vasu selected his own path for his dream project. He participated in the Sony talent search and won a prize on the same day as his love Divya wedding. His heart breaks with silent mourn. Does Divya marry Vasu!  Did Vasu’s father accept his talented career as a musician? What happened next! To know more, follow the viewing at Aha OTT online.

Top 5 reasons to watch movie Vasu 

  1. The movie is musically hit
  2. Message oriented to the parents
  3. Every profession is unique
  4. Encourage children in their favorite fields to work
  5. Don’t stick to unfulfilled desires and paste it on children.

Watch Romantic comedy movie “Vasu” that which grabbed state “Nandi award” and “Akkineni award.”  

Every person can enjoy only his favorite career, where he can work happily. Forcely working for others’ sake doesn’t bring satisfaction. Profession impacts our life as Vasu film shows it briefly with good standards. Watch movies online at Aha OTT.

“Heart’s favorite career brings a good future” proves Vasu movie.

The Man With Courage: An Entrepreneur And Musician

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Hamed Wardak was a former Defense Minister of Afghanistan and was a student in Washington, D.C. at Georgetown University. Hamed was an active student that made him elected as the valedictorian and received a certificate as one of the International Rhodes Scholar 1997. With lots of brave men in the world, there is one person that creates noise on both business and music. It is a noise that is not painful in the ears, but a noise that makes everyone inspired.

The life of a musician

After Hamed’s school days, he returned to his hometown Afghanistan. He decided to serve his fellowmen that made him a leader in Technologists, Inc. During his leadership, he had brought millions that made the company very lucky upon having him. Hamed becomes a big asset in the company that brings big bucks due to his expertise in the business. The conjunction of the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and the U.S. Department of Defense was operated by Technologists, Inc., under the leadership of Wardak. The good news had started and continually create a big talk in the business industry until Wardak decided on something new. He founded a music production with the banner “Valen of Wicked”.

life of a musician

What is Valen of Wicked?

Valen of Wicked is a music production created and founded by Hamed. He comes up with the idea of starting the business together with the apparel brand named “Ludas Athletics. But, then again, he was unstoppable when it comes to business acumens and contacts. He used it as an opportunity to look for another profit. Hamed got involved in musical events under the banner of Valen of Wicked – the new brand of techno. It is electronic music that incorporates diverse cultural sounds. Meaning, it is a collaboration of sounds and beats from different cultures that made it distinct from any other popular music during the times. Music is love for the many, especially for music lovers. So, whether it can be from a reproduction of lost culture sounds in the West Indies or an ordinary producing from an ordinary individual, to add uniqueness to the music, he incorporates it. Thus, diverse cultural sounds are combined in electronic music that brought depth to the art form in a new way. There are no conditions when incorporating sounds as long as it is refreshing in the ears. Hamed has a heart to music, so, that made his music production company soar high.