SEO – A Must Have For Your Website

SEO June 11, 2020 0 Comments

The term Search Engine Optimization is now ubiquitous to the point that most articles about it, including this one, boldly use just the acronym in their title. If you want your business to grow its online presence, implementing SEO strategies on your website should form a significant chunk of your prime focus.  The term has become a bit of a catch-all and this can be a source of confusion to some.

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Why SEO?

Let’s say you’re looking for an online course on theoretical physics (my gut feeling says not too many people are, but this should suffice for the example). If you’re like most people, you would do this by simply typing in a set of words or phrasesabout this interest of yours in your search engine of choice, and looking through the results of website this throws up.

To elaborate on this point, here are some of the major benefits of SEO for business:

  • Positive impact on brand credibility – Users tends to trust brands that show up higher in search results, as there is a correlation made between its position on a search and its reputation in the industry relative to its peers.
  • Lead generation –Most online businesses cite lead generation as one of their major challenges, and proper application of SEO techniques has a major positive impact on these numbers.
  • Correlation with betteruser experience –Since the improvement of user experience on a website leads to more positive reviews and referrals (read backlinks) applying SEO techniques invariably leads to improvement in the quality of your website from the usability point of view.
  • Lower advertising costs – If you play the SEO game right, you naturally generate better leads without investing heavily in advertising.
  • Massive benefits for offline business – The world is online now. A massive proportion of people conduct online searches for products or services and use these searches as a basis for stepping into a store to sign up for the service or purchase the product. This impact of SEO is sometimes hard to measure but proven and undeniable.

Why not SEO?

No good reason comes to mind when you try to think of a logical answer to this question, based on even a glance at the benefits of SEO. It is, simply, a must-have for your business, and investing time and energy into staying on top of your SEO game would lead to you reaping massive rewards in practically real-time.