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Take The Help Of Naperville Dentist

Health November 25, 2020 0 Comments

Thedental crown is a prosthetic device that is being cemented into the existing tooth, and this cannot be removed and cleaned daily, but only a dentist can help you remove it. If you have a damaged tooth, the crown will be used to cover it. The crown helps in improving the shape, appearance, and alignment of the tooth. Let us discuss the benefits of the crown prescribed by a Naperville dentist.

When can you expect your dentist to recommend you to get a crown?

Due to the following reasons, a doctor may prescribe you to get a crown-

  • When your tooth is weak, the crown will protect it from getting fractured
  • Helps in the restoration of a fractured tooth
  • If there isn’t enough of the tooth that is remaining, it helps in replacing a large filling
  • Covering of the dental implant
  • When there is a need for attaching the bridge
  • Crowns also help in covering a tooth which has undergone a root canal treatment
  • Also helps in covering a discolored or a poorly shaped tooth
  • For cosmetic modification purpose

What are the different types of materials that are used in making the dental crown?

  • The base metal alloys consist of non –Noble metals that provide good strength to the crown and high corrosion resistance. The material is gentle for wear, and it is sensitive to the opposing teeth.
  • The metal with the porcelain is fused to it: It provides strength to the teeth, it also prevents leakage as this material acts as a seal, and there will also be a decrease in recurrent dental decay. When the metal has porcelain with metal fused to it, it will give a stronger restoration than the porcelain alone.
  • The alloys are made of gold: This is made up of copper, gold, and other metals,which make it a strong material that holds on tightly to the structure of the tooth. The gold alloy is resistant to fracture and will not cause any wear with the teeth it comes in contact with.
  • The all-ceramic ones: In this, the filling material is porcelain based. This is mainly used while restoring the front teeth because the color blended with the natural set of teeth. The used material can be brittle due to heavy biting and will be highly resistant to wear.


Taking the help of a Naperville dentist is helpful. The above are the things you should know about a dental crown.