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Everything to know about Dopeboo percolators

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This is an exciting day. Perhaps you’ve graduated from a one-hitter to a personal bong but instead water pipe, and maybe you’ve dipped your toes in the “bong-water” with a teeny-tiny water pipe from the corner store. Either way, today, we’re looking at a massive boost to top-notch quality, with all the components needed for a clean, concise inhale at your preferred power level. Know more about Dopeboo percolators.

This detailed tutorial covers all you need to know, from the essential functions to advanced customization options and even some unique collections to spark your imagination.

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Is there a specific chamber size you’re after, or do you need a ballpark figure? Let’s add a couple of inches for future expansion; you won’t be a beginner forever and want to avoid becoming tired of your meerschaum pipe too quickly.

After deciding on a size range, you may use a ruler or another item about the measurement you want to find online as a comparison while you shop. The benefits of buying a bong online are many and varied, ranging from the assurance of anonymity to the freedom to browse at your own pace without an impatient salesperson hovering around carrying Dopeboo percolators.

However, despite the brand’s best efforts, it is only possible to reliably depict the accurate scale of an item in a picture; a huge pipe may seem minor, and vice versa. Be sure you only have to return an item by checking the specified dimensions with a ruler while you shop.

Things To Know About Bongs:

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Finally, if you’re looking for a pipe that’s 12 inches or less in length, consider getting one with a splashguard because you don’t ruin the moment by soaking everyone with that great bong water taste.

First-time bong consumers, take this as a public service announcement: longevity is paramount. Even after years of training, it’s easy to convince yourself that it doesn’t matter, but in the end, it always does. The new bong lasted only 24 hours since it was made out of borosilicate glass, unlike the immortal bong. Since borosilicate glass is crucial to making great pipes, we dedicated an entire piece to the topic. Like Pyrex, it can withstand extreme heat and cold and has a satisfyingly heavy, solid weight. Borosilicate pipes were prohibitively expensive in the past, but now, since we live in a golden era of pipe making, you don’t have to forego any cool features on your pipe to smoke it. And keep in mind that you can always add sophisticated accessories to a simple yet sturdy, stylish bong.


It would be best if you were utterly forthright here. If you’re the kind to obtain a high-maintenance hairstyle to hide your hair behind a hat until it grows out, then low-maintenance is the way to go. Honestly, I’m envious of my tidier friends who always seem to have someone around to clean their pipes after they’ve been used, but my own…