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Find Effective Head Lice Treatment Now

Health March 5, 2022 0 Comments

If you used lice-killing cream or shampoo rinse, it might have seriously failed to work. It is happening with many people across the world, leaving them feeling worried and anxious. There is a solution in form of Riverside lice treatment.

Why Do Lice Treatments Fail?

For many years, parents are purchasing non-prescription cream and shampoos rinses. As active ingredients in them have remained same among all these years, but new generations head lice have got immune to this. When lice get immune, product will not work anymore. Scientists call it resistance.

Finding the Right Lice Treatment

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Lice can easily be treated with OTC and prescription medicines. OTC shampoos & lotions having pyrethrin or permethrin are used commonly. Lotions and shampoos that kill lice have pesticides or other chemicals. Thus, it is very important that you talk to the doctor before you use such products, particularly if you are pregnant and nursing, or have allergies and asthma. It is not very safe to use these products with pesticides close to your eyes. Suppose you find lice and nits in brows or eyelashes, you must immediately talk to the doctor.

Suppose OTC products are not very effective, then your doctor will prescribe lotion, cream, and shampoo to handle the head lice. Some prescription medicines are much safer for the women that are pregnant and breastfeeding.

How Long Will It Take for Head Lice Prevention Treatment to Work?

Timing of head lice treatment depends on what actually happens after your first treatment round. Generally, you may start seeing results in hours. But, it is good to do second treatment between seven to ten days after your first round. But, if you still find live and active lice over 8 to 12 hours after the treatment, then it is possible that your treatment didn’t work rightly.