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Learn About How Using A Bong Really Helps!!

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There are some bong users around who are curious as to what the term “percolator” actually means and if it is useful. For any bong or hookah, a percolator is a device that aids in cooling the smoke. Smokers get a gentler hit and cough far lesser as a result. They have various designs for various bongs and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. If people find bongs difficult to hit, a  glass perc bongs is an extremely cool feature to search for.

A bong percolator: what is it?

Smoking using a bong is intended to improve the smoking experience. Dabbing, on the other hand, aims to isolate and savor the flavor. The smoke will be cooled down and given superior filtering via a percolator. Percolators come in a variety of forms, and they all have slightly distinct effects.

Why Utilize a Bong When Using a Percolator?

Of course, using a bong for smoking has several benefits. However, you are accustomed to the burning sensation in the throat if an individual has ever used a bong without perc. The percolator enters the picture here. The massive bong pull will be cleaner and more pleasurable as a result of the additional filtering and chilling as the smoke passes through to the chambers.

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The Effect of Percolators on One’s High

There is no denying that a percolator effectively reduces the temperature of the smoke. The device’s primary function is to make smoking gentler to breathe in. Therefore, give a bong with a percolator a try if an individual has difficulties hitting one, and observe how it works. Yet the more important query is whether it has an impact on the high. Contrary to popular belief, the percolator does not boost THC absorption. Individuals will not get any higher from the percolator than from a standard bong.

Bongs with percolators lose a little bit more THC than bongs with none. THC is not soluble in water, therefore adding water has no effect; nonetheless, a small amount more is absorbed into the window of the additional compartment. However, do not be alarmed. The change is so negligible that it does not affect whatsoever the high. And the majority of people say the smoother hit makes it worthwhile.

The Conclusion

No matter what type of percolator individuals pick, a bong with a percolator will unquestionably enhance the overall smoking experience. The sensation that continual smooth hits provide people cannot be replaced. Coughing episodes and dry throat are a thing of the past when one invests in a good glass perc bong!